Library and Labs



The College library has a rich collection of more than 5,000 text and reference books of all the subjects and 17 magazines, journals and periodicals are subscribed. Book-Bank facility is also available for needy and poor students. The College has its own rules, regulations and bye-laws for library and book-bank. Students are encouraged to sit and read in the reading room adjacent to the library.

Library remains open on all working days. Reference books cannot be issued. Text books can be issued to students as per rules of this library. Issued books must be returned to the library within the time and intact as issued to the students 



The Computer Centre is unique and well equipped with uptodate hardware and software and staffed with qualified personnel. The Air-conditioned computer centre is having more than 15 branded computers with high-speed broadband facility.


The modern scientific era is analytical and practical based educational era and demands not only theoretical knowledge of every aspects also. The college has provided well equipped laboratories with all modern technical and sophisticated instruments for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Geography, and Maths to bring excellency in theoretical as well as practical education to fulfill the mission of the institution.