From Secretary's Desk

From Secretary's Desk

"I close my eyes, only for a moment and the moments gone, all my dreams pass before my eyes. Dust in the wind, all we are dust in the world? Just a drop of water in an endless sea, all we do, crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see. Dust in the wind, all we are dust in the wind.

We are so much more than dust in the wind. We are shiny little very smart pieces of dustin the wind."

We may feel proud to remember that our institution has completed 19 years of its existence, not only completed 19 years of true service in the field of education, but also dedicated meaningful half century to higher education. Our institution is one of the prestigious institutions of this area and we proud of being its alumni. For more than 9 decades, the institution founded by Mr. Nand Lal & Mr. Ram Pratap and dedicated to Chanana has had the distinction of producing a large number of meritorious students and good citizens of our country. During the long journey, it has scattered the rays of knowledge given a way to lead successful life, helpeed to achieve the mission of the life to hundred thousand of citizens. We might have remembered the contribution of the institution in our life.

For a long time it has been feld that the Alumni of the institutions should keep in touch with each other's activities to promote alumni kinship. We are sure, many of us who have made a mark in diverse areas such as Administration, Business, Industry, Defence, Science etc. would learn a great deal from prestigious and oldest institution and with many more objectives in mind it was propose. Accordingly, the management has given its consent to provide a forum to its Alumni for sharing the life time achievements, experiences and joys. And thus, we have inaugurated our Alumni Association in 13th Nov., 2012, about 150 prestigious ex-students are associated with us.

We have some aims and objectives of the Alumni Association in our mind:-

  • To provide a forum of 'SMDIANS' (our illustrious alumni) to meet and share the experiences by organizing get-together periodically.
  • To provide a forum for interaction between past and present students to reinforce motivation by sharing the life time achievements and experiences with younger generation.
  • To provide a forum for interaction between alumni and college for promoting sense of belongingness towards the moother institution.
  • To maintain a database of alumni.
  • To provide a forum for recognizing the high achievers in order to create a sense of social responsibilities of alumni towards younger generation.
  • To remember the golden memories of glorious past with a consideration towards the challenges of present and future.
  • To seek the potential of alumni for the development of the institution in terms of financial support, collaboration with industry and job placements for students, etc. 

The journey has not yet finished but started with a dream; the dream can be converted into reality only with our active involvement and participation. Please come forward and do your duty towards your mother institution and contribute significantly to our Live Ancestor, which is dedicated to Chanana.

Let's rekindle the fire, relive the nostalgia, Remember the sweat & tears.


Celebrate our achievements. Let's fulfil our dreams. Together

Mr. Ram Partap